Table 2.

Viable cell numbers of S. mutans (BM71) biofilms grown at D of 0.1 h−1 following 40 mM glucose pulse with or without pH control

Culture conditionsViable cell number (mean ± SD) of:
12-h biofilms (106/cm2)24-h biofilms (106/cm2)5-day biofilms (106/cm2)
G-pulse, pH 7.0a8.6 ± 3.821.5 ± 5.347.4 ± 8.3
G-pulse, pH 5.2b26.5 ± 6.874.5 ± 21.7176.2 ± 29.4
  • a Glucose pulse with pH control in which biofilms were taken as unadapted cells.

  • b Glucose pulse without pH control (pH was decreasing down to 4.89) in which biofilms were taken as adapted cells for assaying acid killing.