Table 3.

HPI (katG) is the primary scavenger of supranormal H2O2concentrationsa

StrainZone of inhibitionb(cm)
Wild type1.1
katG 1.6
ahpCF 1.1
katG katE 1.6
ahpCF katG 2.9
ahpCF katG katE 3.1
  • a Assay was done by disk diffusion of 25 μl of 3% (880 mM) H2O2. Assay was done in triplicate, and trends were always consistent. One data set is shown. Strains used were MG1655 (wild type), JI364 (katG), JI370 (ahpCF), JI367 (katG katE), JI374 (ahpCF katG), and JI377 (ahpCF katG katE).

  • b Distance of clearing from the edge of the disk.