Table 3.

agr-downregulated genes

ORFaGenebPatterncSarA effectdFunctioneFold changefN315 ORFgRole categoryhSar boxi
2515bsaA1 (2)Glutathione peroxidase5.8SA1146Adaptation
1889ald2 (2)Alanine dehydrogenase11.9SA1272Amino acid metabolism
5061bfmBAB1 (2)Thiamine pyrophosphate-dependent dehydrogenases26.8SA1347Amino acid metabolism
626nasE1 (3)Assimilatory nitrite reductase115.7SA2187Amino acid metabolism
1888tdcB2 (2)DownThreonine dehydratase33.8Amino acid metabolism
1664ddh1 (2)d-specificd-2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenase2.5SA2312Carbohydrate metabolism
482treA1 (1)Alpha-glucosidase10.8SA0433Carbohydrate metabolism
4571folD1 (2)5,10-Methylene-tetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase6.5SA0915Coenzyme metabolism
2000hemL1 (4)Glutamate-1-semialdehyde aminotransferase10.9SA1491Coenzyme metabolism
625sirB1 (3)S-adenosyl-l-methionineNDSA2186Coenzyme metabolism
4186thiD1 (2)DownHydroxymethylpyrimidine/phosphomethylpyrimidine kinase3.7SA0537Coenzyme metabolism
5593dinG21 (4)Putative ATP-dependent DNA helicase4.7SA1288DNA replication
777gyrA2 (7)DNA gyrase6.2SA0006DNA replication
5293mnhA1 (7)Multisubunit Na+/H+ antiporter5.1SA0813Electron transport
2092mnhF1 (1)Multisubunit Na+/H+ antiporter11.5SA0808Electron transport
3524narG2 (9)Anaerobic dehydrogenases93.4SA2185Electron transport
622narJ1 (2)Nitrate reductaseNDSA2183Electron transport
4539hit1 (2)Diadenosine tetraphosphate (Ap4A) hydrolase2.7SA1656Miscellaneous
13661 (2)Protease related to collagenase3.0SA1441Miscellaneous
4831 (3)Transcriptional regulator, GntR family6.5SA0434Transcriptional regulation
1505pth1 (2)Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase2.2SA0460Translation elongation
1732dltD1 (3)DttD protein58.3SA0796Transport
4405glpF1 (2)DownGlycerol uptake facilitator3.9SA1140Transport
952opuD1 (2)Choline-glycine betaine transporter3.0SA1183TransportYes
481treP1 (1)Phosphotransferase system IIC component13.1SA0432Transport
48062 (4)Putative efflux membrane protein18.4SA1269Transport
18872 (3)Amino acid permeaseNDSA1270Transport
22061 (2)Putative glucarate transporter4.6SA2300Transport
1211 (3)Conserved hypotheticalNDSA0212Unknown
1001 (2)DownConserved hypothetical34.0SA0412Unknown
41221 (2)DownConserved hypothetical11.5SA2378UnknownYes
4081spa2 (2)DownProtein A4.4SA0107Virulence factorsYes
3910ssaA1 (2)Secretory antigen precursor17.0SA2093Virulence factors
19413 (3)Myosin cross-reactive antigen2.8SA0102Virulence factorsYes
  • a Designated S. aureusGeneChip ORF number.

  • b Previously described gene name.

  • c Many genes are represented on the S. aureus GeneChip in a redundant manner as full or partial fragments. Values are the number of times a gene transcript was identified as fitting a pattern (number of times the gene was either partially or completely represented on the GeneChip).

  • d Expected SarA contribution toagr-regulated gene transcription.

  • e Previously described gene product function.

  • f Fold change in expression ofagr-regulated genes as cells transition from the early-log to the stationary phase of growth. ND, not determined.

  • g Corresponding designated S. aureusstrain N315 gene (20).

  • h Expected metabolic role.

  • i Yes, putative Sar box identified within the gene's promoter region. Upstream, the gene is expected to be part of an operon with a potential Sar box located in an upstream promoter region.