Table 2.

Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidDescriptionSource or reference
pDG1731Plasmid allowing integration at the thrC locus 18
pXTpDG1731 derivative allowing gene expression from the PxylA xylose-inducible promoter 10
pxyl-ctsR-Spn pXT derivative carrying thectsR coding sequence of S. pneumoniae This study
pDLPlasmid allowing integration at the amyElocus, and transcriptional fusion with bgaB 61
pAC5Plasmid allowing integration at the amyE locus, with the pC194 cat gene 30
pAC7Plasmid allowing integration at the amyE locus, with the E. faecalis aphA3 cassette 60
pDKpAC7 derivative carrying thebgaB geneThis study
pDL-clpC-Spn pDL derivative carrying aclpC′-bgaB fusionThis study
pDL-clpP-Spn pDL derivative carrying a clpP′-bgaB fusionThis study
pDK-clpE-Spn pDK derivative carrying aclpE′-bgaB fusionThis study
pDKgroES-Spn pDK derivative carrying agroE′-bgaB fusionThis study
pET28aVector for overexpression of His-tagged proteinsNovagen
pETCtsR-Spn pET28a derivative for overproduction of CtsR This study
p5.00Plasmid carrying the luc reporter geneMartin Stieger
pEVP3Plasmid containing the Cmr-encoding gene 7
pR412Plasmid carrying themariner minitransposon 29
pR422p5.00 derivative with the luc gene under control of the ssbBpromoterThis study
pR424pEVP3 derivative carrying thessbB′-luc fusion from pR422, associated with the Cmr-encoding geneThis study