Rates of growth of several mycobacteria on CO and methanola

SpeciesDoubling time (h)Source
Mycobacterium sp. strain JC16.47.8DSM 3803
M. flavescens3.710.2ATCC 14474
M. gastri6.59.2ATCC 15754
M. neoaurum7.99.0ATCC 25795
M. parafortuitum4.45.9ATCC 19686
M. peregrinum6.06.9ATCC 14467
M. phlei7.69.5ATCC 11758
M. smegmatis mc26.27.7ATCC 700084
M. tuberculosis H37Ra23.9NGbATCC 35835
M. vaccae5.89.0ATCC 15483
  • a Cells were cultivated at 37°C in 0.47% (wt/vol) 7H9 medium under a gas mixture of 30% CO-70% air (7H9-CO) and in SMB medium containing 1% (vol/vol) methanol (SMB-MeOH).

  • b NG, no observable growth.