cia-regulated gene loci

ClusteraGenebSPDBcGene expression compared to R6
4 man (3)+MoreLess
10 lic (5)+LessSamed
12 axe (1)+LessMore
14 cyl (7)+MoreSame
16 mal (2)+LessMore
17 dlt (4)+LessMore
18 htrA-spo0J (2)+LessMore
1 cia (2)NDeMore
2spr0782 (SP0879)LessMore
3spr0931 (SP1027)LessMore
ManyfCompetence regulonMoreLess
  • a Number refers to nomenclature used in Table 1.

  • b Number in parentheses are numbers of genes in the operons.

  • c Gene identified (+) or not identified (−) an DNA fragments isolated in SPDB assay.

  • d Identical within the threefold threshold (see the text).

  • e ND, not determined; due to the insertion in the ciaR gene, the negative value obtained in R6-R1 is not meaningful.

  • f See table 3.