Classification of Rot-regulated genes

Gene/gene productaFunctionEffectb of:
Secreted enzymes
    geh/lipasecDegrades lipids+
    splA through splF/serine protease operoncDegrades proteins+
    sspB, sspC/within serine protease operoncDegrades proteins+
Secreted toxins
    hla/alpha-toxinDisrupts red blood cells+
    hlb/β-hemolysincSphingomyelinase activity+
Cell surface proteins
    clfB/clumping factorBinds fibrinogen+NA
    sdrCPutative cell surface adhesin+ND
    spa/protein ABinds Fc portion of immuno- globulin+
Potential virulence factors
    thrBThreonine synthase+ND
    ureA through ureGc,dUrease complex+
Regulator, sarSVirulence gene regulator+
  • a Genes are classified based on their known or postulated virulence function.

  • b +, activation; −, repression; NA, not affected; ND, not determined.

  • c Validated by Northern blot analysis.

  • d Validated by protein activity.