Bordetella strains and recombinant plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionReference or source
UT25SmlB. pertussis; spontaneous streptomycin-resistant derivative of wild-type strain UT2512
PM8B. pertussis UT25Sml ΔhurIThis study
B013NB. bronchiseptica; spontaneous nalidixic acid-resistant derivative of wild-type B0134
BRM21B013N bhuRΩp3Z77; BhuR; heme utilization deficient; Kanr Ampr70
BRM23B. bronchiseptica B013N ΔhurIThis study
pRK37pRK415 carrying 1.3-kb B. pertussis UT25 hurI gene and predicted promoter region; TetrThis study
pRK40pRK415 with 3.3-kb EcoRI-HindIII trp′-′lacZ insert fragment; TetrThis study
pRK41pRK40 with 0.5-kb B. pertussis UT25 ′hurR bhuR′ insert fragment; bhuR-lacZ transcriptional fusion; TetrThis study
pRK42pRK40 with 2.1-kb B. pertussis UT25 hurIR bhuR′ insert fragment; hurIR bhuR-lacZ transcriptional fusion; TetrThis study
pBB29pBBR1MCS with 8-kb XhoI-SalI fragment containing B. pertussis UT25 ′hurIR bhuRSTUV; ChlrThis study
pBB33pBBR1MCS carrying 1.3-kb BamHI-HindIII B. pertussis UT25 hurI fragment subcloned from pRK37; ChlrThis study
pBB34pBBR1MCS with 4.3-kb HindIII-KpnI fragment containing B. pertussis UT25 ′hurIR bhuRS′; ChlrThis study