Relative fitness of derived strains compared to the parental strain

Derived strainssacB-neo cassettePhenotypeNo. of isolatesaRelative fitnessbVariance
BSV1+Sacs Neor10.993.8 × 10−5
BSV1 sacB+Sacr Neor30.981.4 × 10−5
BSV1 recombinantSacr Neos41.00c2.5 × 10−5
  • a Number of independent isolates used in experiments to determine relative fitness.

  • b Relative fitness values are the arithmetic averages of five replicate measurements for each isolate.

  • c The fitness of BSV1 recombinants was significantly different from that of BSV1 (P = 0.0089) and BSV1 sacB (P = 0.034) based on analysis of variance.