Occurrence of derived phenotypes used to estimate rates of recombination and point mutationsa

Primary strain (Sucs, Kanr)Implied changeResulting phenotypeExptrmDilution factor (s)λmedPopulation size
BSV1RecombinationSucr, Kansa410.0301803.76 × 1010
Point mutationSucr, Kanra5230.0301,7203.76 × 1010
RecombinationSucr, Kansb200.0045621.20 × 1011
Point mutationSucr, Kanrb4240.0048,8791.20 × 1011
BSV2Point mutationSucr, Kanra4470.0301,4932.91 × 1010
  • a Primary strain phenotype (sucrose sensitive, Sucs; kanamycin resistant, Kanr), recombination phenotype (sucrose resistant, Sucr; kanamycin sensitive, Kans), or point mutation phenotype (sucrose resistant, Sucr; kanamycin resistant, Kanr). Measurements of the rate of recombination and point mutations at different loci were conducted in two independent, replicate experiments, a and b. rm, median number of recombinants or mutants per culture. λmed, median number of recombination events or mutation events per culture.