Strain-specific genes and genes with a frameshift and/or a stop codon in frame

StrainNo. and type of:
Strain-specific genesGenes with frameshift and/or stop codon in frame
Temecula16 Hypothetical7 Conserved hypothetical
16 Conserved hypothetical10 Mobile genetic elements
13 Mobile genetic elements2 Hemagglutinin-secreted proteins
2 DNA methyltransferases1 Fimbrial adhesin
1 Type II restriction enzyme3 Type I restriction-modification enzymes (R, S, and M)
1 HicA-related protein
1 Hydrolase1 DNA methyltransferase
1 Integral membrane protein1 Aconitate hydratase
1 Mg2+ transporter
1 Heat shock protein (HslU)
1 Anthranilate synthase component I
1 Penicillin binding protein
9a5c99 Hypothetical2 Conserved hypothetical
21 Conserved hypothetical7 Mobile genetic elements
19 Mobile genetic elements1 Integral membrane protein
2 DNA methyltransferases1 Polygalacturonase precursor
1 Single-stranded DNA binding protein
1 O antigen acetylase2 Type I restriction-modification enzymes (R and M)
1 Transport protein1 DNA damage-inducible protein
1 NADH flavin oxidoreductase1 Aconitate hydratase
1 Oxidoreductase1 Ribosomal protein S6 modification protein
1 HTP reductase
4 Transcriptional regulators
1 Drug resistance translocase