General genome features of X. fastidiosa Temecula, causal agent of PD, and X. fastidiosa 9a5c, causal agent of CVCa

DiseaseLength (bp)GC content (%)Coding region (% chromo- some size)No. of predicted ORFsAvg ORF length (bp)% of:No. of:Plasmid length (bp)
ORFs with a functional assignmentConserved hypothetical ORFsHypo- thetical ORFstRNAsrRNA operonstmRNAs
CVCc2,679,30552.780.62,24996457.438.24.449211,285 and 51,158
  • a Temecula was isolated from grapevine in California, and 9a5c was isolated from citrus in São Paulo, Brazil (33).

  • b See supplementary material mentioned in the text for gene maps, gene lists, and categories.

  • c The data presented are from our updated genome analysis. This revision removed small hypothetical ORFs, now thought to be false predictions.