Strains analyzed in this study

StrainSourceReferenceNo. of sequencing tracesGenomic coverage in high-quality dataa
1-60Isolated from CF patient 1 sputum at age 60 mo510,0880.57×
2-164Isolated from CF patient 2 sputum at age 164 moJ. L. Burns, personal communication11,3280.67×
MSHIsolated from a lake on Mount St. Helens following the 1980 eruptionJ. Staley, personal communication10,5670.49×
  • a High-quality data are defined as base calls with a phred quality score of >20 (i.e., Q20 bases), which corresponds to a <1% error rate (9). Genomic coverage is estimated by dividing the total number of Q20 bases acquired by the 6.3- Mbp size of the PAO1 genome.