Transcription factors and environmental signals that regulate gene expression under BFC in B. subtilis

RegulatorNo. (%) of genes differentially expressedaTime of maximal activity (h)bNo. (%) of genes with same patterncReference(s)
Glucose68/205 (33)840/68 (59)24, 35
Oxygen37/121 (31)822/37 (59)34
LytS2/6 (33)82/2 (100)17
ResE27/57 (47)824/27 (89)34
Sigma-H153/433 (35)12, 24114/153 (74.5)4
Sigma-W15/49 (31)815/15 (100)5
Spo0A162/732 (22)12, 24110/162 (68)10
YbdK2/9 (22)82/2 (100)17
YcbA4/19 (21)84/4 (100)17
YfiJ12/31 (39)812/12 (100)17
  • a Number (percent) of genes known to be controlled by the indicated regulator that were differentially expressed under BFC.

  • b Time under BFC at which the genes activated by the regulator are maximally expressed and the genes repressed by the regulator are least expressed.

  • c Number (percent) of genes differentially expressed under BFC and known to be controlled by the regulator that are maximally expressed or repressed at the time indicated in the previous column. For example, we found 40 of the 68 genes which are regulated by glucose and differentially expressed under BFC to have maximal expression at 8 h under BFC.