Catabolite repression of B. subtilis biofilm formation

StrainBiofilm formation with addition ofa:
0%0.1%1.0%0.1%1.0%20 mM
WT1.73 (±0.19)2.5 (±0.18)1.32 (±0.13)2.25 (±0.16)0.59 (±0.09)5.03 (±0.44)
ccpA 1.34 (±0.058)2.3 (±0.31)3.4 (±0.34)NDNDND
  • a Biofilm formation by B. subtilis in medium containing the indicated supplement was quantified using the microtiter plate assay after growth of the biofilms for 48 h. The data shown are the averages of between 3 and 43 independent experiments, and the numbers in parentheses represent the standard errors of the mean. ND, not determined. The percentages are the levels (wt/vol) of supplement added to the biofilm growth medium. WT, strain BAL218; ccpA, strain BAL795.