Primers used for this study

PrimersPrimer sequenceaComments
NorRBa5′-AAACGGATCCTATGTCTGGAGG-3′Upstream of norR, BamHI site added
NorRPs5′-TATGCTGCAGCGAACATTTATGA-3′Downstream of norR, PstI site added
NorREc5′-AAACTATCAAGAATTCCTCGCTA-3′Downstream of norR, EcoRI site added
catpvu15′-GATCCAGCTGAAGCACCCATTAGT-3′Upstream of cat gene in plasmid pL150, PvuII site added
catpvu25′-GATCCAGCTGAGTGACATTAGAAA-3′Downstream of cat gene, PvuII site added
norA15′-TGCAATTTCATATGATCAATCCC-3′Upstream of norA (−35), amplifies a 150-bp norA promoter
norA25′-AGATTGCAATTCATGCTAAATATT-3′Downstream of norA (−10), amplifies a 150-bp norA promoter
norR15′-AAAATGATAACATATATATATTAA-3′Upstream of norR putative promoter
norR25′-CGTTTTTTTCTCTTTTCGGATTGGT-3′Downstream of norR putative promoter, before the putative Shine-Dalgarno region
  • a Endonuclease restriction sites added to the primer sequences are underlined.