Plasmid stabilities and transformation frequencies and efficiencies in B. burgdorferi infectious clone A3 (9) and noninfectious clone B31-AchbC72 (45)

PlasmidTransformation frequencyaTransformation efficiencybStabilityc (%)
A3B31-AchbC72A3B31-AchbC72+ Kan− Kan
pBSV25.7 × 10−72.8 × 10−472,207100100
pBSV253.6 × 10−79.7 × 10−522,0418019
pBSV28-15.3 × 10−73.0 × 10−446,538100100
  • a Transformation frequency was calculated as the ratio of transformants relative to the total number of CFU on medium without kanamycin.

  • b Transformation efficiency was calculated as the number of transformants per microgram of DNA.

  • c Stability was measured as the percentage of total colonies that retain the vector after ∼90 generations compared to the total number of colonies arising (40 colonies per culture condition were PCR screened for the presence of each vector).

  • d NA, not applicable.