Induction activity of FecR mutantsa

PlasmidProteinRelative fluorescence (% of wild-type)Stability
NB mediumNB medium + citrate
pIS135FecR78Wild type
pLCIRAFecR17100Wild type
pHBlcR2FecR(D138E, V197A)4374As wild type
pHBlcR7FecR(D162G, S241G, D290V)78Unstable
pHBlcR12FecR(Q122R, L131P, N132S, K161R, N191S, K252E, L293Q)710As wild type
pHBlcR13FecR(V232A, G267S)2218Unstable
pHBlcR15FecR(S225G, T289A)1558As wild type
pHBlcR16FecR(T289N, L300P)1614As wild type
pHBlcR21FecR(E154D, F224S, I258M, V302A)1012Unstable
pHBlcR22FecR(G106V, Q165R)710As wild type
  • a Induction was determined in E. coli AA93 Δfec(pGFPA′ fecA, PfecA::gfp). The plasmids listed encoded FecA and FecI in addition to the listed FecR derivatives except pIS135, which encoded FecI but no FecA.