Transduction frequencies of three-factor crosses with CYL183 (Emr Hla Cms) as the donora

Transduction (recipient)Transductant phenotypeFrequency (%)
1 (CYL402 [Ems Hla+ Cmr])Emr Hla+ Cms2
Emr Hla Cms25
Emr Hla+ Cmr59
Emr Hla Cmr14
2 (CYL412 [Ems Hla+ Cmr])Emr Hla+ Cms9
Emr Hla Cms9
Emr Hla+ Cmr55
Emr Hla Cmr37
  • a Transductants were selected for Emr, and 100 colonies were scored for Hla and Cm phenotypes.