Gene expression changes during growth of C. glutamicum under Pi-limiting and Pi-sufficient conditions

ORFNCBI no.AnnotationGeneAvg mRNA level under Pi-limiting conditions/avg mRNA level under Pi-sufficient conditionsa
442Cgl0065Phosphate starvation-inducible proteinphoH4.6
976Cgl0485Ribosomal protein L100.1
988Cgl0493Ribosomal protein S120.2
989Cgl0494Ribosomal protein S70.1
992Cgl0514Ribosomal protein S30.1
993Cgl0515Ribosomal protein L16/L10E0.2
994Cgl0516Ribosomal protein L290.2
999Cgl0521Ribosomal protein L140.2
1000Cgl0522Ribosomal protein L240.2
1020Cgl0539Ribosomal protein L180.2
1022Cgl0540Ribosomal protein S50.1
1050Cgl0566Ribosomal protein L170.2
1086Cgl0596Hypothetical protein9.6
1421Cgl0869Ribosomal protein L280.2
1598Cgl1021Hypothetical membrane protein4.1
1760Cgl1170Hypothetical protein10.1
2614(855659-855946)Questionable ORF0.2
2637Cgl1387Glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesteraseglpQ6.4
2639Cgl1385Glycerol-3-phosphate ABC-type transporter, periplasmic componentugpB13.6
2640Cgl1384Glycerol-3-phosphate ABC-type transporter, permease componentugpE10.7
2641Cgl1383Glycerol-3-phosphate ABC-type transporter, permease componentugpA12.6
2648Cgl1378Translation initiation factor IF-30.2
2851Cgl2592Predicted extracellular nucleasenucH9.4
2871Cgl2575Phosphate ABC-type transporter, periplasmic componentpstS17.8
2873Cgl2574Phosphate ABC-type transporter, permease componentpstC12.1
2875Cgl2573Phosphate ABC-type transporter, permease componentpstA7.5
2876Cgl2572Phosphate ABC-type transporter, ATPase componentpstB9.3
3082Cgl2336Hypothetical protein4.2
  • a The relative mRNA levels under Pi-limiting and Pi-sufficient conditions are averages from four experiments. Only ORFs with P values of <0.05 as determined by a Student's t test and with relative mRNA levels equal to or greater than 4 or equal to or less than 0.25 are shown.