Strains of C. difficile used in this study

Category or strainToxinotypeClinical originGeographic originGenBank accession no.
Serogroup A
    RefA = W1194
    ATCC 43594aA+B+PMCbBelgium AY212121
    68750A+B+PMCFrance AY211599 AY212122
    KohnA−B−Asymptomatic childUnited Kingdom AY212123
    9354A+B+Adult AADc (AIDS patient)France AY212124
Serogroup B
    RefB = 1351
    ATCC 43593aA−B−Asymptomatic neonateBelgium AY212125
    Ex560A−B−NDdBelgium AY211601 AY212126
    CO109A−B−NDFrance AY211600 AY212127
Serogroup C
    RefC = 545
    ATCC 43596aA+B+PMCBelgium AY211602 AY212128
    C253A+B+AADItaly AY211603 AY212129
    630A+B+PMCUnited Kingdom AY211604 AY212130
    1075A−B−NDBelgium AY211605 AY212131
Serogroup D
    RefD = 3232
    ATCC 43597aA−B−Asymptomatic adultBelgium AY212132
    93136A−B−Asymptomatic childFrance AY212133
Serogroup G
    RefG = 2022
    ATCC 43599aA+B+Asymptomatic neonateBelgium AY212134
    95938A+B+PMC (relapse)France AY211606 AY212135
Serogroup H
    RefH = 2149
    ATCC 43600aA+B+PMCBelgium AY212136
    93369A+B+Asymptomatic adultFrance AY212137
    53444A−B−NDND AY212138
    90204A+B+Asymptomatic childFrance AY212139
Serogroup I
    RefI = 7322
    ATCC 43601aA−B−Asymptomatic neonateBelgium AY212140
    56026A−B−Asymptomatic childBelgium AY211607 AY212141
Serogroup K
    RefK = 4811
    ATCC 43602aA−B−Asymptomatic neonateBelgium AY211608 AY212142
    94416A+B+PMC (relapse)France AY211609 AY212143
Serogroup X
    RefX = 5036
    ATCC 43603aA−B−Asymptomatic neonateBelgium AY211610 AY212144
    36678A−B+NDBelgium AY211611 AY212145
    79685A+B+PMCFrance AY211612 AY212146
    57207A−B+NDND AY212147
    CD 268A+B+Isolated from rabbitItaly AY212148
  • a Reference strain for the serogroup (Prof. Delmée, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium).

  • b PMC, pseudomembranous colitis.

  • c AAD, antibiotic-associated diarrhea.

  • d ND, not determined.