Stains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidGenotype or descriptionSource or construction
Caulobacter strains
    CB15Wild typeATCC 19089
    PC1131CB15/pRK2L1This study
    PC3026cckO302::Gmr divJ356::Ω (Spcr)φCr30(PC3332) × PC3017
    PC3327cckN+ cckN301::Kanr GmrCB15::pNOR702 (Materials and Methods)
    PC3331cckO+ cckO302::Gmr Kanr sacBCB15::pNOR1302 (Materials and Methods)
    PC3332cckO303::GmrSucrose selection of PC3331
    PC3335cckO303::GmrφCr30(PC3332) × CB15
    PC3356cckN301::KanrφCr30(PC3327) × CB15
Yeast strains
    YE001MATa trp1-901 leu2-3 leu2-112 ura3-52 his3-200 gal4Δ gal80Δ LYS2::GAL1-HIS3 GAL2-ADE2 met3::GAL7-lacZSame as PJ69-4A; 14
    YE002YE001/pNOR001pGBDU-divK+; this study
    pAROGmrDerivative of pARO181 (ATCC 77125; 27); Kanr was replaced with a Gm resistance-encoding aacC1 cassette (30)This study
    pNPTS128Kanr derivative of pLITMUS28 with sacB and oriT1
    pGBDU-C3Bait vector14
    pGAD-C1-, 2-, 3Prey vector14