B. subtilis strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotype or features of plasmidConstruction or referenced
    BSA46PY22 SPβ ctc::lacZ cat86 erma11
    BSA70PY22 rsbU::kan SPβ ctc::lacZa11
    BSA73PY22 rsbU::kan rsbV312 SPβ ctc::lacZ11
    BSA159PY22 rsbV312 rsbX::pWH25-spcb65
    BSM21trpC2 rsbU::kanBSA70⇒168
    BSM22trpC2 rsbU::kan rsbV312BSA73⇒168
    BSM24trpC2 rsbV312 rsbX::pWH25-spcBSA159⇒168
    BSM29trpC2 sigBΔ2::spcFSB5⇒168
    BSM30trpC2 rsbP::spcBSM201⇒168
    BSM149trpC2 rsbP::spc rsbU::kanBSM30⇒BSM21
    BSM151trpC2 SPβ ctc::lacZBSA46⇒168
    BSM152trpC2 rsbP::spc SPβ ctc::lacZBSA46⇒BSM30
    BSM153trpC2 rsbP::spc rsbU::kan SPβ ctc::lacZBSA46⇒BSM149
    BSM154trpC2 rsbU::kan SPβ ctc::lacZBSA46⇒BSM21
    BSM155trpC2 rsbV312 rsbX::pWH25-spc SPβ ctc::lacZBSA46⇒BSM24
    BSM156trpC2 sigBΔ2::spc SPβ ctc::lacZBSA46⇒BSM29
    BSM201PY22 rsbP::spcpAV01⇒PY22
    BSM202PY22 rsbP::spc rsbU::kanBSA70⇒BSM201
    BSM227PY22 amyE::pGK30-gsiB::gfp cat86cpGK30⇒PY22
    BSM267trpC2 rsbP::spc rsbU::kan rsbV312SPβ ctc::lacZBSA73⇒BSM152
    BSM269trpC2 amyE::pGK30-gsiB::gfp cat86cBSM227⇒168
    BSM275trpC2 rsbV312 rsbX::pWH25-spc amyE::pGK30-gsiB::gfpBSM227⇒BSM24
    BSM276trpC2 sigBΔ2::spc amyE::pGK30-gsiB::gfp cat86cBSM227⇒BSM29
    BSM277trpC2 rsbU::kan amyE::pGK30-gsiB::gfp cat86cBSM227⇒BSM21
    BSM278trpC2 rsbP::spc amyE::pGK30-gsiB::gfp cat86cBSM227⇒BSM30
    BSM279trpC2 rsbP::spc rsbU::kan rsbV312BSM202⇒BSM22
    BSM280trpC2 rsbP::spc rsbU::kan rsbV312 amyE::pGK30-gsiB::gfp cat86cBSM227⇒BSM279
    FSB5trpC2 pheA1 sigBΔ2::spc59
    PY22trpC2P. Youngman, University of Georgia
    pAV01Apr rsbP::spcThis work
    pDG1726Apr Spcr29
    pGK30Apr gsiB::gfp cat86cG. Kuhnke and U. Völker, unpublished data
    pFSB79Low-copy-number gfp transcriptional fusion vector for integration into the amyE locusF. Spiegelhalter and E. Bremer, unpublished data
  • a The ctc-lacZ fusion in the SPβ prophage is linked to the chloramphenicol (cat86) and erythromycin (erm) resistance genes.

  • b The integrative plasmid pWH25 contains a 2-kb EcoRI-SphI fragment, including the 3′ end of rsbX and 1.9 kb downstream of rsbX.

  • c The strain contains part of plasmid pGK30 inserted into the amyE locus of the chromosome via a double-crossover event, thus linking the transcriptional gsiB-gfp fusion to the chloramphenicol resistance gene (cat86).

  • d The arrow indicates the construction of the strain by transformation.