Properties of genes and gene products of the sequenced T. aromatica DNA fragmenta

GeneG+C content of the gene (mol %)Length of intergenic region to next ORFPutative function of gene productMolecular mass (kDa)Isoelectric pointSimilar protein(s) in databases% Identity% SimilarityE valueACR no.
orf 368.7104Regulator1611.4Probable transcription regulator protein (Ralstonia solanacearum)53684e-29NP_521785
Putative marR family transcriptional regulator (Streptomyces coelicolor A3)28541e-5NP_631735
orf 26540Unknown235.7Hypothetical protein (Azoarcus evansii)47558e-37AAN39379
Hypothetical protein (Rhodopseudomonas palustris)29463e-14ZP_00011237
orf 166.2288Regulator345.9Regulator (Azoarcus evansii)72821e-107AAN39374
Hypothetical protein (Burkholderia fungorum)48638e-66ZP_00030198
Benzaote-CoA ligase gene66.692Benzoate-CoA ligase575.3Benzoate-CoA ligase (Thauera aromatica)78860CAD21683
Benzoate-CoA ligase (Azoarcus evansii)74830AAN39371
orf 462.5110Benzoyl-CoA oxygenase component A465.5Benzoyl-CoA oxygenase component A (Azoarcus evansii)80890AAN39377
Hypothetical protein (Burkholderia fungorum)63721e-148ZP_00027560
orf 565.6Benzoyl-CoA oxygenase component BNDNDBenzoyl-CoA oxygenase component B (Azoarcus evansii)87910AAN39376
Hypothetical protein (Burkholderia fungorum)65801e-135ZP_00027561
  • a Similarity searches were done with the the program blastp ( Percent identity is defined as percentage of amino acids that are identical between two proteins. Percent similarity is defined as percentage of amino acids that are identical or conserved between two proteins. The expect value (E value) estimates the statistical significance of the match, specifying the number of matches with a given score that is expected in a search of a database of this size absolutely by chance.