Strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidGenotypea or relevant characteristicsDeletion or cloned end pointsbSource or referencec
    14028Wild-type serovar TyphimuriumATCCd
    JS135 zii-8104::Tn10dTc 78
    JS258Φ(tetRA-rtsA+B+)3 PhilD111::MudJ
    JS259Φ(tetRA-rtsA+B+)3 invC101::MudJ
    JS260Φ(tetRA-rtsA+B+)3 sopA100::MudJ
    JS261Φ(tetRA-rtsA+B+)3 sopB101::MudJ
    JS262Φ(tetRA-rtsA+B+)3 icgA1::MudJ
    JS263Φ(tetRA-rtsA+B+)3 yhgF:231:MudJ
    JS264 zii-8104::Tn10dTc PhilD111::MudJ
    JS265 zii-8104::Tn10dTc invC101::MudJ
    JS266 zii-8104::Tn10dTc sopA100::MudJ
    JS267 zii-8104::Tn10dTc sopB101::MudJ
    JS268 zii-8104::Tn10dTc icgA1::MudJ
    JS269 zii-8104::Tn10dTc yhgF231::MudJ
    JS270ΔrtsAB7 ΔhilA112::Cm
    JS271ΔrtsAB7 invC101::MudJ
    JS272ΔrtsAB7 ΔhiD114::Cm
    JS273ΔrtsAB7 Φ(hilD-lac+)114
    JS274ΔrtsAB7 Φ(hilC-lac+)113
    JS275ΔrtsAB7 Φ(hilA-lac+)112
    JS276ΔrtsAB7 Φ(invF-lac+)100
    JS277ΔrtsAB7 flhC5456::MudJ
    JS278ΔrtsAB7 fliC5050::MudJ
    JS280ΔrtsA5 Φ(hilA-lac+)112
    JS281ΔrtsB6 Φ(hilA-lac+)112
    JS283ΔrtsA5 Φ(invF-lac+)100
    JS284ΔrtsB6 Φ(invF-lac+)100
    JS285 sopA100::MudJ
    JS286ΔrtsA5 sopA100::MudJ
    JS287ΔrtsB6 sopA100::MudJ
    JS288ΔrtsAB7 sopA100::MudJ
    JS289 sopB101::MudJ
    JS290ΔrtsA5 sopB101::MudJ
    JS291ΔrtsB6 sopB101::MudJ
    JS292ΔrtsAB7 sopB101::MudJ
    JS293 invC101::MudJ
    JS294ΔrtsA5 invC101::MudJ
    JS295ΔrtsB6 invC101::MudJ
    JS296 icgA1::MudJ
    JS297ΔrtsA5 icgA1::MudJ
    JS298ΔrtsB6 icgA1::MudJ
    JS299ΔrtsAB7 icgA1::MudJ
    JS300ΔrtsAB7 ΔhilC113::Cm Φ(hilA-lac+)112
    JS301ΔrtsAB7 ΔhiD114::Cm Φ(hilA-lac+)112
    JS302ΔrtsAB7 ΔhilC-D2915::Cm Φ(hilA-lac+)112
    JS303ΔrtsAB7 ΔhilA112::Cm Φ(invF-lac+)100
    JS304ΔrtsAB7 ΔhilC-D2915::Cm Φ(invF-lac+)100
    JS305ΔrtsAB7 ΔhilC-A2914::Cm Φ(invF-lac+)100
    JS306ΔrtsAB7 sopA100::MudJ
    JS307ΔrtsAB7 ΔhilA112::Cm sopA100::MudJ
    JS308ΔrtsAB7 ΔinvF100::Cm sopA100::MudJ
    JS309ΔrtsAB7 sopB101::MudJ
    JS310ΔrtsAB7 ΔhilA112::Cm sopB101::MudJ
    JS311ΔrtsAB7 ΔinvF100::Cm sopB101::MudJ/PICK>
    JS312ΔrtsAB7 invC101::MudJ
    JS313ΔrtsAB7 ΔhilA112::Cm invC101::MudJ
    JS314ΔrtsAB7 ΔinvF100::Cm invC101::MudJ
    JS315ΔrtsAB7 icgA1::MudJ
    JS316ΔrtsAB7 ΔhilA112::Cm icgA1::MudJ
    JS317ΔrtsAB7 ΔinvF100::Cm icgA1::MudJ
    JS318ΔrtsAB7 Φ(slrP-lac+)100
    JS319ΔrtsAB7 ΔhilC-D2915::Cm Φ(slrP-lac+)100
    JS320ΔrtsAB7 ΔinvF100::Cm Φ(slrP-lac+)100
    JS321ΔrtsAB7 ΔhilA112::Cm Φ(slrP-lac+)100
    JS322ΔrtsA5 ΔhilC-D2915::Cm Φ(hilA-lac+)112
    JS323ΔrtsA5 ΔhilC-D2915::Cm Φ(slrP-lac+)100
    TT10286LT2 hisD9953::MudJ his-9944::MudI 40
    TH1077LT2 fliC5050::MudJ 34
    TH4054LT2 flhC5456::MudJ 18
    DH5αλpir E. coli K-12 endA1 hsdR17 supE44 thi-1 recA1 gyrA relA1 Δ(lac-argF)U169 deoR φ80 Δ(lac)M15 λpir+Lab stock
    MG1655 E. coli K-12 F λilvG rfb-50 rph-1Lab stock
    pKD46 bla PBADgam bet exo pSC101 oriTS 23
    pCP20 bla cat cI857 λPRflp pSC101 oriTS 15
    pKD3 bla FRT cat FRT PS1 PS2 oriR6K 23
    pKD13 bla FRT ahp FRT PS1 PS4 oriR6K (for creating in-frame deletions) 23
    pCE36 ahp FRT lacZY+ this oriR6K 27
    pCE37 ahp FRT lacZY+ this oriR6K 27
    pBAD30 bla araC PBAD pACYC184 ori 36
    pCE46 bla araC λAttL1 ccdB+cat λAttL2 pACYC184 ori
    pRtsA bla PBAD λAttB1 rtsA+ λAttB2 pACYC184 ori4561766-4560885
    pRtsB bla PBAD λAttB1 rtsB+ λAttB2 pACYC184 ori4560890-4560595
    pRtsAB bla PBAD λAttB1 rtsA+B+ λAttB2 pACYC184 ori4561766-4560595
    pCE81 bla PBAD λAttB1 myc-rtsA λAttB2 pACYC184 ori4561737-4560885
    pCE82 bla PBAD λAttB1 myc-rtsB λAttB2 pACYC184 ori4560850-4560595
    pLS118 bla PBADhilD-myc-His pACYC184 ori 72
    pLS119 bla PBADhilC-myc-His pACYC184 ori 72
  • a Unless otherwise noted, all strains are isogenic derivatives of 14028.

  • b Numbers indicate the base pairs (inclusive) that are deleted (for strains) or cloned (for plasmids), as defined in the S. enterica serovar Typhimurium LT2 genome sequence in the National Center for Biotechnology Information database.

  • c This study, unless otherwise noted.

  • d ATCC, American Type Culture Collection.