Anaerobic fdhF-lacZ expression in batch culture and continuous culturea

StrainBatch expression with the following additions:Chemostat expression with the following additions:
NoneNO3NO2HCOOHFormate and nitrateNoneNO3NO2HCOOHFormate and nitrate
Wild type4102103806,7003061,4507001,9308,500600
  • a Cells were grown on glucose minimal medium anaerobically as described in Materials and Methods. Where indicated, sodium nitrate (initial concentration, 40 mM), nitrite (5 mM), formate (30 mM), or formate (30 mM) plus nitrate (40 mM) was added.

  • b ND, not determined. Units are given as nanomoles of ONPG hydrolyzed per minute per milligram of protein.