Genes within RD conserved among serotype 1/2a strains

RDGene (function)Southern blot results froma:BLAST result with unfinished 4bb
1/2a strains1/2b strains4b strains
RD1Lmo0160 (putative LPXTG)Present in mostAbsentAbsentNone
RD1Lmo0161 (unknown)Present in mostAbsentAbsentNone
RD2Lmo0170 (unknown)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD2Lmo0171 (putative internalin LPXTG)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD3Lmo0409 (putative internalin LPXTG)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD4Lmo0421 (RodA paralog)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD5Lmo0525 (unknown)Present in mostAbsentAbsentNone
RD6Lmo0732 (putative LPXTG)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD6Lmo0736 (ribose 5-phosphate isomerase)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD7Lmo1060 (response regulator)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD7Lmo1061 (histidine kinase)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD7Lmo1062 (ABC permease)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD7Lmo1063 (similar to ABC [ATP binding])PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD7Lmo1064 (similar to membrane and transport)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD8Lmo1077 (similar to TagB)RFLP I and IIRFLP IRFLP IIINone
RD8Lmo1078 (similar to sugar nucleotide transferase)RFLP I and IIRFLP I and IIRFLP IIIPresent
RD8Lmo1079 (similar to YfhO)RFLP I and IIRFLP I and IIAbsentNone
RD8Lmo1080 (similar to teichoic acid biosynthetic protein GgaB)RFLP I and IIRFLP I and IIPresentPresent
RD8Lmo1081 (similar to sugar nucleotide transferase)RFLP I and IIRFLP I and IIAbsentNone
RD8Lmo1082 (similar to sugar nucleotide epimerase)RFLP I and IIRFLP I and IIAbsentNone
RD8Lmo1083 (similar to sugar nucleotide dehydratase)RFLP I and IIRFLP I and IIAbsentNone
RD8Lmo1084 (similar to sugar nucleotide reductase)RFLP I and IIRFLP I and IIAbsentNone
RD8Lmo1085 (similar to TagB)RFLP IRFLP IRFLP IINone
RD9Lmo1258 (unknown)Present in mostAbsentAbsentPresent
RD9Lmo1259 (ProA)Present in mostAbsentAbsentPresent
RD9Lmo1260 (ProB)Present in mostAbsentAbsentPresent
RD10Lmo1913 (unknown)RFLP IRFLP IRFLP IIPresent
RD10Lmo1914 (unknown)RFLP IRFLP IRFLP IIPresent
RD10Lmo1915 (Malate dehydrogenase)RFLP IRFLP IRFLP IIPresent
RD11Lmo1967 (similar to tellurite resistance)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD11Lmo1968 (creatine aminohydrolase)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD11Lmo1969 (2-keto-3-deoxygluconate aldolase)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD11Lmo1970 (putative phosphotriesterase)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD11Lmo1971 (similar to PTS EnzIIC)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD11Lmo1972 (similar to PTS EnzIIB)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD11Lmo1973 (similar to PTS EnzIIA)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD11Lmo1974 (similar to GntR regulator)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD12Lmo2176 (similar to TetR)PresentAbsentAbsentPresent
RD12Lmo2177 (unknown)PresentAbsentAbsentInsertion-deletion
RD12Lmo2178 (LPXTG)PresentAbsentAbsentInsertion-deletion
RD13Lmo2550 (similar to glycosyl transferase)PresentPresentAbsentNone
RD13Lmo2551 (Rho)PresentPresentAbsentPresent
RD14Lmo2576 (LPXTG)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD15Lmo2603 (unknown)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD15Lmo2604 (unknown)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD16Lmo2786 (BvrC)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD16Lmo2787 (BvrB)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD16Lmo2788 (BvrA)PresentAbsentAbsentNone
RD17Similar to A118 prophagePresentAbsentAbsentNone
  • a Present, present in all; absent, absent in all; RFLP I or II, RFLP pattern I or pattern II, respectively.

  • b Results from BLAST analysis (BLASTn) with the unfinished serotype 4b sequence ( None, no significant alignment; insertion-deletion, insertion and deletion in the same region relative to EGD.