Results for phospholipase plate assay

Phospholipase activitya for strains grown:
Without cellobioseWith cellobiose
Lineage I
    FSL W3-011++
    FSL W3-018+
    FSL W3-021+
    FSL W3-026++
    FSL W3-028++
    FSL W3-040++
    FSL W3-062+
Lineage II
    FSL W3-007++
    FSL W3-008++
    FSL W3-031+
    FSL W3-042+
    FSL W3-045++
    FSL W3-052+
    FSL W3-053+/−
  • a Phospholipase activity was determined as the diameter of the zone of clearance on egg yolk plates with and without cellobiose added. Symbols: ++, average diameter, >1.0 cm; +, average diameter, 0.5 to 1.0 cm; +/−, average diameter, <0.5 cm; −, no zone of clearance. Each result represents at least two independent replicates.