B. subtilis strains used and some of their properties

B. subtilis strainRelevant phenotype or genotypeSource or referenceaPhenotype score
Surfactin production (hemolysis)Dendritic on CM agarose/surface film on CMK agarose; no added surfactinb
6051Wild type (Marburg)ATCC++/+
M1Surfactin negative, ΔsrfA-AThis work−/−
1A1 (168) trpC2 BGSC−/−
JH642Surfactin negative pheA1 trpC2P. Zuber (14)−/−
OKB105Surfactin-positive transformant of JH642, pheA1 sfpP. Zuber (14)++/+
OKB120Surfactin negative, pheA1 srf::Tn917 sfpP. Zuber (14)−/−
1A139Flagellumless, flaA4 hag-1 lys trpC2BGSC−/−
  • a ATCC, American Type Culture Collection ( ); BGSC, Bacillus Genetic Stock Center (

  • b Phenotypes were scored as shown in Fig. 1 after 16 h, of growth at 37°C and, as described in the text.