Strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidGenotype or relevant geneReference or source
BZR60MC4100 Φ(lamBΔ60′-′lacZ) Hyb42-1 [λp1(209)]10
CWB96DY329 tig<>kanThis study
CWB168RO182 lamB (A16L,G17V)This study
CWB170RO182 H*lamB (A13I,A15L,A16L,G17V)This study
CWB172RO192 lamB (A16L,G17V)This study
CWB174RO192 H*lamB (A13I,A15L,A16L,G17V)This study
CWB178H*lamB pCWB36This study
CWB193Φ(lamB′-′lacZ) Hyb42-1 [λp1(209)] lamBΔ60This study
CWB197Φ(H*lamB′-′lacZ) Hyb42-1 [λp1(209)] lamBΔ60This study
CWB210MC4100 H*lamBThis study
CWB213MC4100 secA51(Ts) leuB::Tn10This study
CWB249CWB210 secA51(Ts) leuB::Tn10 recA::kanThis study
CWB277CWB210 ffs69 zba-3054::Tn10This study
CWB278CWB210 pheA3141::Tn10Kan ffh87This study
CWB281Φ(lamB′-′lacZ) Hyb42-1 [λp1(209)] lamBThis study
CWB288CWB281 pCLC11(degP)This study
CWB289CWB281 tig<>kanThis study
CWB294CWB281 secA51(Ts) leuB::Tn10This study
CWB295CWB299 secY39(Cs) zhc::Tn10This study
CWB296CWB299 secY40(Cs) zhc::Tn10This study
CWB299Φ(H*lamB′-′lacZ) Hyb42-1 [λp1(209)] H*lamBThis study
CWB304CWB299 pCLC11 (degP)This study
CWB305CWB299 tig<>kanThis study
CWB309CWB299 secA51(Ts) leuB::Tn10This study
CWB312CWB289 pCLC11 (degP)This study
CWB313CWB305 pCLC11 (degP)This study
CWB316CWB299 ffs69 zba-3054::Tn10This study
CWB318MC4100 tig<>kanThis study
CWB341CWB289 secA51(Ts) leuB::Tn10This study
CWB342CWB305 secA51(Ts) leuB::Tn10This study
CWB350CWB213 tig<>kanThis study
CWB351HPT244 tig<>kanThis study
DY329W3110 ΔlacU169 nadA::Tn10 gal490 λc1857 Δ(cro-bioA)33
HPT 242MC4100 Δara714 zba-3054::Tn1030
HPT244MC4100 Δara714 ffs69 zba-3054::Tn1030
HPT404MC4100 Δara714 pheA3141::Tn10Kan31
HPT406MC4100 Δara714 pheA3141::Tn10Kan ffh8731
MC4100F araD139 Δ(argF-lac)U169 rpsL150 relA1 flbB5301 ptsF25 deoC1 thiLab collection
NT1001MC4100 malBΔ1Lab collection
Pop3186MC4100Φ(lamB′-′lacZ) Hyb42-1 [λp1(209)]27
RO104MC4100 secB::Tn5Lab collection
RO182MC4100 spc[R] malBΔ1-linked Tn10Lab collection
RO192MC4100 spc[R] malBΔ1-linked Tn10 secB::Tn5Lab collection
pCLC11degP in pACYC184 (Cmr)8
pCWB9tig gene cloned in pBluescript KS(+)This study
pCWB10kan gene from pACYC177 inserted into tig of pCWB9This study
pCWB27malK5′ Δ160-lamB in pBR322This study
pCWB35H*lamB (A13I,A15L,A16L,G17V) quadruple mutantThis study
pCWB37lamB (A16L, G17V) double mutantThis study