Strains used in this study

NameGenotypeaSource or reference
BUM012 cynT1 glnV44(AS) gal-3 malT1 xylA7 mtlA2 thi-1CGSCb
EDCM367MG1655 ΔlacZY 24
EDCM421MG1655 ΔlacZY araBAD< >canThis study
EDCM464MG1655 ΔlacZY can< >FLK2 araBAD< >canThis study
EDCM636MG1655 ΔlacZY can< >FLK2This study
EDCM637MG1655 ΔlacZY ΔcanThis study
EDCM638MG1655 ΔlacZY can< >FLK2 rpoS::Tn10 (by transduction from RH90)This study
MG1655Sequenced λ and F derivative of K-12CGSC
RH90MC4100 rpoS359::Tn10 21
SM1BL21(λDE3) can<>FLK2/pcam-AC (by transduction from EDCM464)This study
  • a The FLK2 cassette contains two FRT sites flanking a lacZ reporter gene, followed by the aph gene for kanamycin resistance. “<>” indicates replacement.

  • b CGSC, Coli Genetic Stock Center at Yale University ( ).