B. subtilis strains

StrainRelevant genotypeReference, source, or constructiona
CRK6000purA16 metB5 hisA3 guaB36
NIS6072CRK6000 spo0J-gfp19
NIS6074CRK6000 spo0J::ermC26
NIS6075CRK6000 ΔsojKobayashib
NIS6076CRK6000 Δsoj spo0J-gfppSM5072 (19) → NIS6075 (Cp)
NIS6077CRK6000 Δ(soj-spo0J)::tetpYO3 → CRK6000 (Tc)
NIS6078CRK6000 amyE::Pspac-sojpYO4 → CRK6000 (Cp)
NIS6079CRK6000 amyE::Pspac-soj-spo0JpYO5 → CRK6000 (Cp)
NIS6080CRK6000 soj-spo0J::tet amyE::Pspac-sojG12V-spo0JpYO5 → NIS6076 (Cp, Tc)
NIS6081CRK6000 soj-spo0J::tet amyE::Pspac-sojG12V-spo0JpYO31 → NIS6076 (Cp, Tc)
NIS6082CRK6000 soj-spo0J::tet amyE::Pspac-sojK16Q-spo0JpYO32 → NIS6076 (Cp, Tc)
NIS6083CRK6000 soj-spo0J::tet amyE::Pspac-soj-spo0J14pYO33 → NIS6076 (Cp, Tc)
NIS6084CRK6000 soj-spo0J::tet amyE::Pspac-soj-spo0J17pYO34 → NIS6076 (Cp, Tc)
  • a The arrows indicate transformation. The donor plasmid DNA (linear form except pSM5072) and the recipient strain are indicated on the left and right of each arrow, respectively; the antibiotics used for selection are indicated in parentheses (Cp, chloramphenicol; Tc, tetracycline).

  • b K. Kobayashi, unpublished data. An in-frame deletion (from codon 22 to codon 135) was introduced into soj.