Various parameters for cell division and replication initiation in several soj and spo0J mutants of B. subtilis with point mutationsa

StrainAvg cell length (relative)Avg no. of origins per cellAmt of mass per origin (relative)
NIS6080 (Pspac-soj+-spo0J+)1.004.4 ± 0.41.00
NIS6081 (Pspac-sojG12V-spo0J+)1.073.8 ± 0.11.24
NIS6082 (Pspac-sojK16Q-spo0J+)1.015.0 ± 0.30.89
NIS6083 (Pspac-soj+-spo0J14)0.996.2 ± 0.30.70
NIS6084 (Pspac-soj+-spo0J17)0.956.7 ± 0.30.62
  • a The mutant cells were grown in the presence of 50 μM IPTG as described in the legend to Fig. 4. Three hundred cells were used to measure cell length. The average number of origins per cell and the amount of mass per origin were obtained as described in Table 2, footnotes b and c.