Various parameters for cell division and replication initiation in B. subtilis soj and spo0J mutants

StrainAvg cell length (relative)aAvg no. of origins per cellbAmt of mass per origin (relative)cDNA/protein ratiod
CRK6000 (wild type)1.004.5 ± ± 0.002
NIS7064 (spo0J::ermC)1.178.0 ± 0.10.670.060 ± 0.001
NIS6077 [Δ(soj-spo0J)]1.035.1 ± 0.20.920.044 ± 0.001
NIS6078 (Pspac-soj) + 1 mM IPTG1.167.0 ± 0.20.750.060 ± 0.001
NIS6079 (Pspac-soj-spo0J) + 1 mM IPTG1.204.3 ± ± 0.002
  • a The average cell length for each strain was obtained by examining 300 cells and is expressed relative to the value for the wild-type cell population.

  • b The average number of replication origins per cell was determined from each DNA histogram of flow cytometry shown in Fig. 1A. The same experiment was repeated three times to obtain the average and standard deviation.

  • c The average cell length was divided by the average number of oriCs per cell to obtain the amount of mass per origin and is expressed relative to the value for the wild type.

  • d Average ± standard deviation obtained from three or four independent experiments.