High-salinity-repressed genes

GeneaFunctionbSignal strength ratioc for cells growing in MM with:
1.2 M NaCl, 5 μM Fe1.2 M NaCl, 250 μM Fe
ybfGUnknown; similar to unknown proteins3.62.5
ycbJUnknown; similar to macrolide 2′-phosphotransferase5.64.5
ycbUUnknown; similar to NifS protein homolog4.93.2
ldhl-Lactate dehydrogenase26.00.6
lctPl-Lactate permease4.20.7
ydaDUnknown; similar to alcohol dehydrogenase3.52.0
ydcRUnknown; similar to transposon protein5.11.5
ydfRUnknown; similar to unknown proteins3.22.1
yfmTUnknown; similar to benzaldehyde dehydrogenase8.64.5
yfmSUnknown; similar to methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein11.412.7
pelPectate lyase4.35.0
yfiQUnknown; similar to surface adhesion protein3.42.1
katAVegetative catalase 14.421.3
glpDGlycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase3.03.2
lytFGamma-d-glutamate-meso-diaminopimelate muropeptidase (major autolysin)11.36.5
yhdOUnknown; similar to 1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase3.83.4
yhxCUnknown; similar to alcohol dehydrogenase3.31.7
motBMotility protein (flagellar motor rotation)22.39.6
motAMotility protein (flagellar motor rotation)26.49.7
mcpCMethyl-accepting chemotaxis protein4.14.2
abhTranscriptional regulator of transition state genes (AbrB-like)11.516.8
flgBFlagellar basal-body rod protein3.63.3
flgCFlagellar basal-body rod protein3.22.7
fliFFlagellar basal-body M-ring protein5.94.5
fliGFlagellar motor switch protein6.45.3
fliHFlagellar assembly protein5.94.6
fliIFlagellum-specific ATP synthase4.73.8
fliJFlagellar protein required for formation of basal body5.14.5
ylxFUnknown; similar to unknown proteins25.715.5
ylxGUnknown; similar to flagellar hook assembly protein6.87.1
flgEFlagellar hook protein7.17.5
fliLFlagellar protein required for flagellar formation7.36.7
fliMFlagellar motor switch protein9.010.4
fliYFlagellar motor switch protein5.44.0
cheYTwo-component response regulator involved in modulation of flagellar switch bias4.54.2
fliZFlagellar protein required for flagellar formation6.15.7
fliPFlagellar protein required for flagellar formation9.39.9
fliRFlagellar protein required for flagellar formation3.44.4
flhBFlagellum-associated protein5.97.5
flhAFlagellum-associated protein6.04.9
flhFFlagellum-associated protein7.65.2
ylxHUnknown; similar to flagellar biosynthesis switch protein5.25.0
cheCInhibition of CheR-mediated methylation of MCPs5.67.2
sigDRNA polymerase flagella, motility, chemotaxis, and autolysis sigma factor3.44.5
ylxLUnknown; similar to unknown proteins3.34.2
trpFPhosphoribosyl anthranilate isomerase4.814.5
trpCIndole-3-glycerol phosphate synthase4.37.7
sigXRNA polymerase ECF-type sigma factor3.72.9
tasATranslocation-dependent antimicrobial spore component28.941.9
sipWSignal peptidase 15.55.8
hemCPorphobilinogen deaminase3.12.1
yteRUnknown; similar to unknown proteins3.21.9
tlpBMethyl-accepting chemotaxis protein3.42.6
mcpAMethyl-accepting chemotaxis protein11.38.9
mcpBMethyl-accepting chemotaxis protein3.63.0
maeNNa+/malate symporter3.21.6
guaCGMP reductase3.43.0
yusPUnknown; similar to multidrug efflux transporter5.29.9
mrgAMetalloregulation DNA-binding stress protein3.24.7
yvfEUnknown; similar to spore coat polysaccharide biosynthesis19.110.6
yvfCUnknown; similar to UDP-galactose phosphate transferase4.73.4
yveSUnknown; similar to unknown proteins3.52.5
yveOUnknown; similar to glycosyltransferase3.13.1
yveKUnknown; similar to capsular polysaccharide biosynthesis4.23.2
yvzBUnknown; similar to flagellin14.211.5
yvjBUnknown; similar to carboxy-terminal processing protease3.83.3
fliTFlagellar protein3.84.3
fliSFlagellar protein8.27.1
fliDFlagellar hook-associated protein 2 (HAP2)14.59.5
hagFlagellin protein21.210.3
flgKFlagellar hook-associated protein 1 (HAP1)3.13.5
yvyGUnknown; similar to flagellar protein3.74.2
ywtDUnknown; similar to murein hydrolase8.85.0
flhPFlagellar hook-basal body protein4.64.2
flhOFlagellar basal-body rod protein7.95.2
thrZThreonyl-tRNA synthetase (minor)3.63.6
ywbGUnknown; similar to unknown proteins3.12.0
eprMinor extracellular serine protease6.94.8
dltAd-Alanyl-d-alanine carrier protein ligase5.86.6
dltBd-Alanine transfer from Dcp to undecaprenol phosphate3.85.8
dltEInvolved in lipoteichoic acid biosynthesis5.45.7
cydDABC transporter required for expression of cytochrome bd (ATP-binding protein)3.20.4
cydCABC transporter required for expression of cytochrome bd (ATP-binding protein)3.10.6
yxjHUnknown; similar to unknown proteins from B. subtilis3.43.7
yxjGUnknown; similar to unknown proteins from B. subtilis3.13.8
deaDATP-dependent RNA helicase3.73.2
yxiMUnknown; similar to rhamnogalacturonan acetylesterase3.63.1
wapACell wall-associated protein precursor7.76.9
hutIImidazolone-5-propionate hydrolase3.01.8
iolHmyo-Inositol catabolism3.13.3
idhmyo-Inositol 2-dehydrogenase3.52.3
yxaLUnknown; similar to serine/threonine protein kinase3.30.9
yxaDUnknown; similar to transcriptional regulator (MarR family)4.44.3
  • a Sorted according to the order in the B. subtilis genome. Members of the DegS/DegU regulon are boldfaced.

  • b Functions are derived from the SubtiList database.

  • a Ratio between the signal strength in cells propagated under the conditions indicated and the signal strength in cells continuously growing in synthetic medium with 5 μM FeCl3 and no extra NaCl added.