Genetic linkage of Tn917 insertions and parEC mutations and resistance by transformation: incrossing of parC+ and parE+ and outcrossing of parE

ExptDonorRecipientMICs (μg/ml) for recipientMICs (μg/ml) for susceptible or resistant transformantsa% Susceptible or resistant transformants (no. of transformants susceptible or resistant/total no. of transformants)a
IncrossingISP2133trp-489 Ω(chr::Tn917lac)2P18parE −13 (G→A)0.016-0.0321.00.0080.2525 (28/112)
MT5224c4parC (Ser80Phe)0.0321.00.0080.2521 (8/38)
ISP2134thrB494 Ω(chr::Tn917lac)1P18parE −13 (G→A)0.016-0.0321.00.0080.256 (6/104)
MT5224c4parC (Ser80Phe)0.0321.00.0080.255 (8/171)
OutcrossingP183315parE (G→A at nucleotide position −13) Ω(chr::Tn917lac)2ISP794Wild type0.004-0.0080.250.016-0.0321.014 (11/176)
  • a In the incrossing experiment the transformants examined were susceptible transformants, and in the outcrossing experiment the transformants examined were resistant transformants.