Luminescence response to acyl-HSL and decanal

StrainSpecific luminescence (LU/OD)a
No additionsC6-HSLbC8-HSLbDecanalc
Wild type<0.022523.520
luxI mutant<0.022032.716
ΔgacA mutant<0.01430.0693.5
  • a One LU = 1.3 × 107 quanta/s. Luminescence was determined on aliquots of exponentially growing cultures at an OD600 of 0.25 to 0.35 from which no luminescence was detected prior to additions. One representative time point is shown.

  • b Cells were grown with shaking in the presence of 120 nM C6-HSL or C8-HSL.

  • c Decanal (0.01%) was added to an aliquot of culture prior to measuring luminescence.