GAS isolates studied

StrainaSite of isolationemm typeemm patternβ-Domain ska alleleβ-Domain ska cluster or subclusterPAM sitebDesignation in dendrogramc
86-779URT1A-C ska66 2aNDeska66
MGAS2109URT1A-C ska66 2aNegative
MGAS2110Unknown1A-C ska67 2aNegativeska67
SF370Invasive1A-C ska66 2aNegative
MGAS2120Impetigo1A-C ska66 2aNegative
MGAS2123Impetigo1A-C ska66 2aND
1GL90URT3A-C ska22 2aND
88-019URT3A-C ska22 2aNegativeska22a
1RP144URT5A-C ska68 1ND
ManfredoURT5A-C ska68 1Negativeska68a
1RP112URT6A-C ska25 2aNegativeska25a
D471Unknown6A-C ska25 2aNegative
A374URT12A-C ska23 1NDska23a
25RS84URT14A-C ska78 1NDska78
1GL217URT17A-C ska25 2aNegativeska25b
1RP268URT18A-C ska82 2aNegativeska82
1GL205URT19A-C ska65 1Negative
1RP118URT19A-C ska65 1NDska65a
1RP284URT24A-C ska65 1Negativeska65b
11RS100URT26A-C ska69 1Negativeska69a
3RP70URT29A-C ska65 1ND
SS53URT37A-C ska68 1NDska68b
19RS14URT39A-C ska76 1Negativeska76
SS642URT46A-C ska69 1Negativeska69b
A291Unknown51A-C ska58 1Negativeska58
D488Impetigo55A-C ska22 2aNegativeska22b
D306Unknown57A-C ska37 2aNDska37
2RSC3URT38 & 40A-C ska26 1NDska26
1RP31URTst1RP31A-C ska65 1Negativeska65c
SS1445URTst854A-C ska71 1NDska71
10RS101URT32D ska38 1Negativeska38
29487Impetigo33D ska39 2bPositiveska39
C142URT34D ska52 1ND
A457Unknown36D ska40 1Negativeska40
1RS79URT42D ska35 1Negativeska35
D407Invasive43D ska84 2bPositiveska84
A946Impetigo52D ska27 2bPositiveska27b
ALAB49Impetigo53D ska41 2bPositiveska41
D795Unknown67D ska51 1Negativeska51a
D998Unknown70D ska42 2bPositiveska42
SS1098Impetigo71D ska72 1Negativeska72
SS1144Impetigo72D ska45 2bPositiveska45a
CT95-104Invasive80D ska27 2bND
29689Impetigo83D ska43 2bPositiveska43
D964Impetigo86D ska44 2aPositiveska44
D821Impetigo91D ska45 2bPositiveska45b
D466Unknown93D ska64 2bPositiveska64
D502Impetigo93D ska46 2bPositiveska46
MGAS2111Unknown95D ska30 2bNegativeska30
D626Impetigo97.1D ska53 1Negativeska53
SS1434Impetigo98D ska80 2bPositiveska80
SS1433Impetigo99D ska79 1Negativeska79
D641Impetigo101D ska54 2bPositiveska54
MGAS308Invasive105D ska23 1Negativeska23b
29486Impetigo116D ska47 2bPositiveska47
MGAS341Invasive119D ska28 2bPositiveska28
SS1096Impetigo65 & 69D ska73 1Negativeska73
SS1497Impetigost3757D ska81 2bPositiveska81
D997Unknownst4973D ska29 2bNegativeska29
D432UnknownstD432D ska27 2bPositiveska27c
D631ImpetigostD631D ska48 2bPositiveska48
D633ImpetigostD633D ska49 2bPositiveska49
89-465URT2E ska57 1Negativeska57a
CT98-529Invasive4E ska62 1NDska62
29740Impetigo8E ska20 1Negativeska20
D733Unknown9E ska63 1NDska63a
CT95-126Invasive11E ska60 1NDska60
MGAS275Invasive22E ska55 1Negativeska55
D316Invasive25E ska21 1NDska21
CT95-189Invasive28E ska31 1NDska31/PICK>
B737Impetigo49E ska32 1Negativeska32a
29454Impetigo58E ska24 1Negativeska24a
4500-SImpetigo60E ska24 1NDska24b
A956Unknown63E ska50 1Negativeska50a
ALAB53Impetigo66E ska56 1NDska56
5552-SImpetigo68E ska33 1Negativeska33
86-809URT75E ska34 1Negativeska34
CT95-159Invasive77E ska61 1NDska61
D812Impetigo78E ska74 1NDska74
29665Impetigo81E ska36 1NDska36
D424Invasive89E ska63 1NDska63b
89-456URT90E ska75 1Negativeska75
4426-SImpetigo92E ska50 1Negativeska50b
CT95-122dInvasive94E ska27 2bNDska27a
CT95-169Invasive102.1E ska83 1Negativeska83
6250-SImpetigo110E ska51 1Negativeska51b
1RP18rnURT44 & 61E ska77 1NDska77
5569-SImpetigo44 & 61E ska59 1Negative
D938Impetigo44 & 61E ska32 1Negativeska32b
MGAS2140URTst833E ska57 1Negativeska57b
  • a For each strain, additional information concerning the year and place of isolation, as well as disease association, can be found at (for SS strains) or (for all other strains).

  • b As established by Svensson et al. (40) and/or by predicted amino acid sequence analysis. Although all strains underwent emm typing, only the strains whose saved sequences included data up to the C repeat region were analyzed for PAM.

  • c Dendrogram presented in Fig. 4.

  • d emm type 94 = emm type 13W.

  • e ND, not determined.