Annotation of ORFs located within PAGI-4(C) in P. aeruginosa strain C

Gene identificationCoordinatesDirectionLength (aa)aGC content (%)Gene nameAnnotation result and homologous gene productsbBest BLAST hitcE value of best BLAST hit
CL11252534254.3Hypothetical protein; homologous to part of PA0977; probably truncated ORFAAG043661E-12
CL2a371165142660.3xerCPut. integrase, phage-like; highly similar to XerC integrase from pKLC102AY2575380.0
CL2b1055174422960.0Put. excision regulator; “inner ORF”; similar to CP103b from pKLC102AY2575380.0
CL31648347460859.0Conserved hypothetical protein; homology to CP102 from pKLC102AY2575380.0
CL43898424811661.0Conserved hypothetical protein; homology to CP93 from pKLC102; similar to ParE domain (plasmid stabilization system protein)AY2575381E-51
CL54252458411062.5Conserved hypothetical protein; homology to CP92 from pKLC102; similar to DNA-binding domain of transcriptional regulatorsAY2575383E-52
CL65013652450358.9Conserved hypothetical protein; homology to CP91 from pKLC102AY2575380.0
CL76521686811562.9Hypothetical protein; homology to CP90 from pKLC102AY2575382E-57
CL86868825046064.6Conserved hypothetical protein; homology to CP89 from pKLC102AY2575380.0
CL98274921231265.8Conserved hypothetical protein; homology to CP88 from pKLC102AY2575380.0
CL109212964314362.5Conserved hypothetical protein; homology to CP87 from pKLC102AY2575382E-69
CL1110022103069447.4Hypothetical protein; highly homologous to PA0980AAG043694E-43
CL1210830138441,00455.9tnpAPut. transposase; similar to transposase from Tn4652 (P. putida)NP_7587190.0
CL13138411420312056.8tnpCPut. transposase regulator-repressor; tnpC located next to transposase in Tn4652NP_5428941E-39
CL14143731483715441.3Put. acetyltransferase; plasmid-encoded homolog Nostoc sp.NP_4902762E-18
CL15148451575030148.5Put. membrane protein; up to 10 TM domains predictedTP_000834471E-02
CL16157471647524242.3Hypothetical proteinNP_4421072E-16
CL17164911790046945.4Put. homospermidine synthaseZP_7000031871E-121
CL18183121962843856.3Conserved hypothetical proteinNP_7585890.0
CL19196502039324760.6Put. ABC transporter subunit; domains like in bacteriophage protein gp37 or DNA repair photolyase SplB (partial)NP_7585901E-128
CL20204232139432359.9tnpSCointegrate resolution protein S; homologous to tnpS from Tn4652 (P. putida)NP_7585911E-153
CL21215752257633363.0tnpTPut. cointegrate resolution protein T; homologous to tnpT from Tn4652 (P. putida)NP_7585922E-66
CL2222615228367360.4Unknown; no significant similarity
CL23228692317110055.8Hypothetical protein; BLAST hit for conserved domain proteinAAN709674E-23
  • a aa, amino acids.

  • b Put., putative.

  • c GenBank accession number.