V. vulnificus strains and CPS expression

StrainDescription (reference)
MO6-24/OOpaque clinical isolate; expresses CPS over entire cell surface (44)
MO6-24/TTranslucent phase variant of MO6-24/O, reduced patchy capsule (44)
MO6-24/31TAcapsular MO6-24/O mutant; does not transport CPS to the cell surface due to mutation in CPS transport gene, wza (45)
CVD752Acapsular MO6-24/O mutant; does not produce CPS due to polar transposon insertion (45)
LC4/OClinical isolate; expresses CPS over the entire cell surface (unpublished)
LC4/TTranslucent phase variant of LC4/O; acapsular (unpublished)
C7184/OClinical isolate; expresses CPS on the entire cell surface (30)
C7184/TTranslucent phase variant of C7184/T; acapsular (30)