The pilQ1 point mutation in FA7168 increased sensitivity to certain antibiotics and the detergent TX-100

StrainDiam (mm)a with:
AMP (5 μg)CHL (1.5 μg)ERY (0.5 μg)RIF (0.5 μg)TX-100 (5 μl of a 1:100 dilution)KAN (1.5 μg)NAL (1.5 μg)SPT (5 μg)
FA1090 wild type, Hb+222614228101616
FA7167 (ΔhpuA hpuB::cat), Hb22812248121618
FA7168 (ΔhpuA hpuB::cat pilQ1), Hb+2816263622101416
  • a Values are diameters of the zone of growth inhibition around each 6-mm disk loaded with the indicated amount of antimicrobial agent measured after 24 h. Data were from one representative experiment.