Strains and plasmids used in this work

Strain or plasmidGenotype and relevant markersaReference or source
Salmonella Typhimurium SL1344 strains
    SL1344Wild typeHoiseth and Stocker (11)
    M574invB::aphT ΔsopE ΔsopE2 ΔsopB ΔsipAEhrbar et al. (7a)
    M612sopA::pM261This study
    M712ΔsopE ΔsopE2 ΔsopB ΔsipA ΔsopAThis study
Salmonella Typhimurium ATCC14028 strains
    CS401phoN2 zxx::6251 Tn10d-Cm, StrrBronstein et al. (2)
    PB502CS401, ΔinvBBronstein et al. (2)
    M618PB502, sopA::pM261This study
    M619CS401, sopA::pM261This study
    M623CS401, sopA::pM261 invC::aphTThis study
    M629CS401, sopA::pM261 spaO::aphTThis study
    M630PB502, sopA::pM261 spaO::aphTThis study
    M635CS401, sopA::pM265This study
    M636PB502, sopA::pM265This study
    M637CS401, sopA::pM265 spaO::aphTThis study
    M638PB502, sopA::pM265 spaO::aphTThis study
    M639CS401, sopA::pM265 invC::aphTThis study
    pM250pBAD24 derivative, arabinose-inducible expression of invB (induced with 0.001% arabinose)Ehrbar et al. (7a)
    pM261pSB377 derivative, encodes the C-terminal 287 aa of sopA fused to the M45 epitopeThis study
    pM265pSB377 derivative, suicide vector to construct a chromosomal sopAM45 lacZ transcriptional fusionThis study
  • a aa, amino acids.