Bacterial strains used in this study

StrainGenotypeReference or source
DH5αrecA endA1 hsdR17 supE4 gyrA96 relA1 Δ(lacZYA-argF)U169 (φ80 lacZΔM15)34
W3104Wild type41
W3104ΔacrABDerivative of W3104 that lacks acrAB15
W3104ΔacrABΔemrKYDerivative of W3104ΔacrAB that lacks emrKYThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔmdtEFDerivative of W3104ΔacrAB that lacks mdtEFThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔacrEFDerivative of W3104ΔacrAB that lacks acrEFThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔacrEFΔemrKYDerivative of W3104ΔacrAB that lacks emrKYThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔacrEFΔmdtEFDerivative of W3104ΔacrABΔacrEF that lacks mdtEFThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔacrEFΔmdtEFΔemrKYDerivative of W3104ΔacrABΔacrEFΔmdtEF that lacks emrKYThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔtolCDerivative of W3104ΔacrAB that lacks tolCThis study
W3104ΔhnsDerivative of W3104 that lacks hnsThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔhnsDerivative of W3104ΔacrAB that lacks hnsThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔhnsΔtolCDerivative of W3104ΔacrABΔhns that lacks tolCThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔhnsΔemrKYDerivative of W3104ΔacrABΔhns that lacks emrKYThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔhnsΔmdtEFDerivative of W3104ΔacrABΔhns that lacks mdtEFThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔhnsΔacrEFDerivative of W3104ΔacrABΔhns that lacks acrEFThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔhnsΔacrEFΔemrKYDerivative of W3104ΔacrABΔhnsΔacrEF that lacks emrKYThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔhnsΔacrEFΔmdtEFDerivative of W3104ΔacrABΔhnsΔacrEF that lacks mdtEFThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔhnsΔacrEFΔmdtEFΔemrKYDerivative of W3104ΔacrABΔhnsΔacrEFΔmdtEF that lacks emrKYThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔhnsΔevgASDerivative of W3104ΔacrABΔhns that lacks evgASThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔhnsΔacrEFΔevgASDerivative of W3104ΔacrABΔhnsΔacrEF that lacks evgASThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔydeODerivative of W3104ΔacrAB that lacks ydeOThis study
W3104ΔacrABΔhnsΔydeODerivative of W3104ΔacrABΔhns that lacks ydeOThis study