Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristic(s)Reference or source
E. coli strains
    1177UTI isolate (O1:K1:H7)7
    CN10161177 fim::kan7
    MG1655K-12 reference strain2
    MS427MG1655 flu33
    MS428MG1655 fim22
    MS528MG1655 flu fim22
    MS641MG1655 oxyR::kanThis study
    DD14MS427 containing pKKJ128 and pBR322This study
    DD19MS641 containing pBR322This study
    DD26MS641 containing pKT274This study
    DD27MS641 containing pIR100This study
    DD34MS427 containing pACYC184 and pKT274This study
    DD35MS427 containing pACYC184 and pIR100This study
    DD36MS427 containing pACYC184 and pBR322This study
    DD37MS427 containing pKKJ128 and pKT274This study
    DD38MS427 containing pKKJ128 and pIR100This study
    MS718MS428 containing pFCH2235This study
    PK1081CN1016 containing pFCH2235This study
K. pneumoniae strains
    C105K35 capsule45
    C105 NCVSpontaneous C105 NCV45
    LH71C105 containing pIB264This study
    LH72C105 NCV containing pIB264This study
    PK1013C105 containing pHHA147This study
    PK1014C105 NCV containing pHHA147This study
    PK1016C105 containing pBR322This study
    PK1021C105 NCV containing pBR322This study
    pFHC2235IPTG-inducible dam gene in pUC19aGift from F. G. Hansen
    pHHA147 flu gene from MG1655 in pBR32238
    pIR100 E. coli K5 capsule gene operon in pBR322(cos4)Gift from I. Roberts
    pKKJ128 flu gene from MG1655 in pACYC18421
    pKT274 E. coli K1 capsule gene operon in pHC7913
    pKKJ101 flu gene in pUCP2221
    pIB264AIDA-I autotransporter and glycosylation genes in pBR3224
  • a IPTG, isopropyl-β-d-thiogalactopyranoside.