Genomic changes found in archival strains

Strain no.Microarray finding(s)Auxotrophya; other characteristic(s) (reference)
1598Deletion of STM1842-1844, including the htpX heat shock protein, and STM3883 (rbsC) to STM3886 (rbsR), a ribose transport operon hisD141
1601Amplification between STM2154 (mrp) and STM2168 (pbpG) hisF144; rrnD is not detected in PCR assay
1656180-kb amplification between STM3993 and STM4131, between two rRNA clusters; deletion of Gifsy-1 thyA68; extra XbaI band with PFGE (8)
1674Deletion of Gifsy-1 hisD2550; low in HPI and HPII hydroperoxidases; defect in RpoS (29)
1700Deletion between STM1225 and STM1226 (potAB operon) thyA314; low in HPII hydroperoxidases; defect in RpoS (29)
  • a These auxotrophies were present upon the initial storage of the strains and were still present after approximately 4 decades in storage.