Cells lacking ZipA are resistant to DicB-induced division inhibition

StrainGenotypeIPTGa (μM)Lengthb (μm)nc
PB103/pJE39 wt/Plac::gfp-dicB03.41.5-12.563
JE34/pJE39 ftsA*/Plac::gfp-dicB03.11.7-5.761
JE32/pJE39ΔzipA ftsA*/Plac::gfp-dicB03.31.7-11.760
PB103/pJE39 wt/Plac::gfp-dicB10089.848.8-158.156
JE34/pJE39 ftsA*/Plac::gfp-dicB10046.44.1-123.254
JE32/pJE39ΔzipA ftsA*/Plac::gfp-dicB1005.12.3-12.760
PB103/pDR119 wt/Plac::gfp-minD02.61.1-5.661
JE34/pDR119 ftsA*/Plac::gfp-minD02.61.7-4.061
JE32/pDR119ΔzipA ftsA*/Plac::gfp-minD02.91.6-6.761
PB103/pDR119 wt/Plac::gfp-minD50027.53.2-101.964
JE34/pDR119 ftsA*/Plac::gfp-minD5004.72.3-9.160
JE32/pDR119ΔzipA ftsA*/Plac::gfp-minD50013.52.8-78.160
  • a Cells were grown in LB-AMP medium supplemented with IPTG as indicated to an OD600 of 0.3 to 0.5 and analyzed by microscopy.

  • b Each culture contained some nonfluorescent cells. These were presumed to have lost the plasmid and were not included in the analyses.

  • c Number of cells analysed.