Bacterial strains and plasmidsa

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsReference or source
Escherichia coli DH5αCloning strain
E. coli S17-1Mobilizing strain 33
E. coli HMS174Host for phaP and/or phaCBA 17
Ralstonia eutropha H16Source of PHBDSMZ428
Bacillus megaterium Source of PHBDSMZ32
Bacillus cereus Source of PHBDSMZ31
Chromobacterium violaceum Source of PHASCLDSMZ30191
Rhodospirillum rubrum S1Wild typeDSMZ467
R. rubrum SmSpontaneous streptomycin-resistant mutant of S1 (≥600 μg/ml), SmrThis study
R. rubrum SmRifSpontaneous rifampin-resistant mutant of Sm (≥100 μg/ml), Smr RifrThis study
Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense MSR-1Wild typeDSMZ6361
pJoe4036Rhamnose-inducible vector for His tagging 35
pSN2224 apd in pJoe4036This study
pEYFP-N1 eyfp BD Clontech
pEGFP egfp BD Clontech
pEYFP eyfp This study
pBBR1-MCS2Broad-host-range vector 19
pJM9238 phaCBA 17
pBluescriptKS::phaP phaP 17
pSN2338Activator-eyfp fusion with lac promotorThis study
pSN2343Activator-eyfp fusionThis study
pSN2372Activator-eyfp fusion in pBRR-MCS2This study
pSN2389Activator-eyfp fusion in pBRR-MCS2 with lac promotorThis study
pCS11 mms16-egfp fusion in pBBR1-MCS2This study
  • a DSMZ, Deutsche Sammlung für Mikroorganismen and Zellkulturen; PHASCL, short-chain-length PHA.