β-Galactosidase assays measuring the rate of transcription from the qsrAB promoter in the presence of CSP-1 and/or BIP-1a

StrainPromoterPheromoneActivity (Miller units)a
EK4144qsrAB (p1 and p2)None138.1 ± 1.28
CSP-1215.7 ± 3.02
BIP-1153.8 ± 4.71
CSP-1 + BIP-1229.7b
EK4145qsrAB (p1 and p2)None126.9 ± 1.89
CSP-1128.5 ± 0.47
BIP-1152.6 ± 0.22
CSP-1 + BIP-1150.7 ± 2.35
  • a The strains employed (EK4144 and EK4145) contain a transcriptional fusion between the qsrB gene and lacZ (prtB::lacZ). In addition, the comE gene has been disrupted in the EK4145 strain (ComE). β-Galactosidase activities are given in Miller units and are the means ± standard errors of triplicate samples. Results are based on the sum of the activities of the competence-inducible promoter (p1) and the housekeeping promoter (p2).

  • b Mean of two samples.