Strains used in this study

StrainDescriptionaReference or source
S. aureus
    RN6390Derivative of NCTC8325 that maintains its hemolytic pattern when grown on sheep blood agar, 11-bp deletion in rsbU33
    UAMS-1Clinical osteomyelitis isolate, rsbU+17
    8325-4NCTC8325, cured of prophages, 11-bp deletion in rsbU31
    GP2698325-4 (rsbUVW sigB)+-tetL, Tcr16
    SH1000Functional rsbU derivative of 8325-4, rsbU+25
    NewmanClinical isolate (ATCC 25904), rsbU+10
    IK184Newman ΔrsbUVW sigB, Emr26
E. coli
    XL1-BluerecA1 endA1 gyrA96 thi-1 hsdR17 supE44 relA1 lac[F′ proAB lacqZΔM15 Tn10 (Tcr)]Stratagene
  • a Abbreviations: Tcr, tetracycline resistant; Emr, erythromycin resistant.