B. subtilis strains used

StrainGenotypeSource or reference
SMYWild typeP. Schaeffer
BR151MA ccpA::spcccpA::[(Tn917-lacZ)::spc] trpC2 lys-3T. Henkin
GM1222ptsH1 ykwC::pJH101 (′ykwCcat) trpC2 sacB′-lacZ12
QB5618rocD::aphA3 trpC2 ΔamyE::Φ(rocD′-lacZ cat)17
QB5626rocR(T120I) trpC2 ΔamyE::Φ(rocD′-lacZ cat)17
QB7096crh::aphA3 trpC227
SG82lacA::tet trpC210
BB1179ccpA::[(Tn917-lacZ)::spc)]SMY × DNA (BR151MA ccpA::spc)
BB1236rocD::aphA3SMY × DNA (QB5618)
BB1264rocG::pBB907 (′yweA rocG rocA′) neoSMY × pBB907
BB1271ΔrocG::ble ΔgudB::teta7
BB1316rocR(T120I)BB1236 × DNA (QB5626)
BB1434rocG::pBB923 [Φ(rocGp+-lacZ erm)]5
BB1512ΔamyE::Φ(DAS-rocGp+-lacZ erm)SMY × pBB996 (5)
BB1537ΔrocG::ble ΔgudB::tet ccpA::[(Tn917-lacZ)::spc]BB1271 × DNA (BB1179)
BB1575ptsH1 ykwC::pJH101 (′ykwCcat)SMY × DNA (GM1222)
BB1597rocR(T120I) ccpA::[(Tn917-lacZ)::spc]BB1316 × DNA (BB1179)
BB1628yweA::pBB1013 (′yweAneo)SMY × pBB1013
BB1744rocGp1 ΔgudB::tetBB1271 × pBB1048
BB1770rocGp1 yweA::pBB1013 (′yweAneo) ΔgudB::tetBB1744 × pBB1013
BB1792rocGp1 yweA::pBB1013 (′yweAneo) rocR(T120I)BB1316 × DNA (1770)
BB2062rocG::pBB1096 [Φ(rocGp1-lacZ erm)]SMY × pBB1096
BB2063ΔamyE::Φ(DAS-rocGp1-lacZ erm)SMY × pBB1049
BB2163ccpA::[(Tn917-lacZ)::spc] yweA::pBB1013 (′yweAneo)BB1628 × DNA (BB1179)
  • a The ΔgudB::tet null mutation in the gene coding for the inactive GudB-GlutDH was present in some strains and served to prevent spontaneous gudB1 mutations from allowing expression of active GudB1-GlutDH (7).